With uGottaHost.com, you’ll have access to a very simple–to–operate site creator. It’s truly straightforward and it features a user interface that is sure to be instantly recognizable to everybody who has ever dealt with an admin panel. The site creator has a lot of distinctive templates which you could customize with just a mouse click and generate a site the way you like. Plus, every website template is mobile–friendly, so your brand new website will look and feel great on mobile phones straight away.

The site creator is an integral part of the uGottaHost.com Website Control Panel, available with all cloud hosting services, VPS services, Linux semi-dedicated hosting, and Linux dedicated hosting packages.

An intuitive site creator

No coding skills are needed

The site creator packed with the uGottaHost.com dashboard is very user friendly. It empowers you to kickstart your own site via quick point&click commands. You won’t have to comprehend HTML, CSS or any other web development language. If have ever worked with an app or perhaps a text editing tool, you’ll already understand how to use the site creator.

Using the tool’s site editor, you can move around page contents to your taste and personalize them with a mouse click. Also, you can include images, videos, and even your own discussion board, etc. within seconds.

Easy-to-use Site Builder

A variety of easy–to–re–design website templates

Attractive website themes that look perfect on every type of device

To generate a compelling website, you will need to have a good foundation. That’s why, the uGottaHost.com’s site creator offers a big set of distinctive site templates, fit for any type of site – personal profiles, ecommerce stores, community boards, etc.

Each website design is simple to personalize, with lots of designs, unique color combinations and native support for well over 100 fonts. And you could edit every one of these settings with just a click of the mouse. Last but not least, if at any time you want to change your template and choose a new one, all edits you’ve completed will be switched over instantly.

A variety of easy–to–re–design website templates